ICMR approves Mylab’s Rapid Antigen Test kit ‘CoviSelf’

Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) has approved Pune based Mylab’s Rapid Antigen Test kit ‘CoviSelf’. This self-use kit can be used by any adult. In the clinical trials, ‘CoviSelf’ has given accurate results tantamount to ongoing Covid tests.

‘CoviSelf’ is India’s first self-use Rapid Antigen Test. The director of Mylab Discovery Solutions, Sujeet Jain said that there is no need of going for an RT-PCR test if you test positive through ‘CoviSelf’. He also said that any adult can easily use this self-test kit by reading the manual.

Mr Sujeet Jain said that the ‘CoviSelf’ test takes only two minutes and it takes 15 minutes to get the result. These self-use kits will be available in more than 7 lakh pharmacies by the next week and their online pharmacy partners across India.

He said that their target is to make ‘CoviSelf’ Anti Rapid Gen Test kits that will be available in 90% pin code in India, as per the ANI.

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