“In 2024, it will be Modi vs Country”- Mamata Banerjee

From the day when the Monsoon Parliament session has started, opposition parties have been demanding the central government over the Pegasus spyware issue. Both the houses haven’t been functioning as Modi government anticipated due to the uproar of opposition parties.

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee who was in Delhi for a four-day visit has skipped the opposition party meeting and held a press conference. During the press conference, Didi said in the 2024 general elections, it will be Modi vs Country. She said, ‘Poore Desh Me Khela hoga’.

The West Bengal CM wanted all opposition parties to meet post parliament session. Yesterday, the TMC Chief who met Lalu Prasad Yadav said to meet Sonia Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal today. In replying to the question as she is the face of the opposition, Didi said that she is not an astrologer and it depends on the situation.

Responding to Pegasus, she said that this spyware has put everyone’s life in danger. When her nephew’s phone has been tapped, her phone also gets tapped as she speaks with him.

Mamata Banerjee gives a new definition to GDP as Gas-Diesel-Petrol. And she alleges that the Modi government is collecting money from the public but it has money for vaccines.

Already, the West Bengal government has announced a commission to ascertain snooping in their state through Pegasus. Didi is on a mission to unite all opposition parties to dethrone Modi from power.

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