In just three weeks, Black fungus cases have increased at an alarming level

Black fungus cases are increasing day by day in the country. In the last three weeks alone, they have increased by 150 per cent and the black fungus cases have been reached 31,216. It has also claimed 2,109 lives so far. Black fungus cases are putting more pressure on the Indian medical sector, which is struggling with the corona second wave. As the number of cases increased, there was a severe shortage of the amphotericin-B drug.

In Maharashtra, 7,057 black fungus cases were reported and 609 people died. With 5,418 black fungus cases, Gujarat stands in the next place and 323 people died. Rajasthan ranks third in black fungus cases with 2,976 cases. However, Karnataka ranks third in corona deaths. So far 188 people have died of black fungus in the state.

Maharashtra recorded 2,770 black fungus cases in a single day on May 25, while Gujarat recorded 2,859 cases. Cases are also being reported on a large scale in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Jharkhand. West Bengal has the lowest number of 23 deaths due to black fungus.

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