India registers first death due to Bird Flu

Although Covid cases have been declining in the nation, the health experts have been warning to brace up to the third wave impact. While India hasn’t been recouped fully due to Covid-19, an 11-year-old boy died due to Bird flu, which was the first in the country. Normally, avian influenza won’t infect humans except in very rare cases.

This 11-year-old boy who was suffering from leukaemia and pneumonia was admitted to the pediatric department of AIIMS in early June. He was tested negative. Later, he was tested for avian influenza after his samples were sent to Pune’s National Institute of Virology.

Based on WHO reports, Bird Flu is more dangerous than Covid-19. It has a 60% mortality rate. A total of 862 human infections have been registered due to avian influenza. Out of them, 455 died.

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