India vs US: Blame the people or the virus?

At a time when coronavirus cases are going up in the US, sections of Netizens are calling out the bias of the Western media in covering the epic proportion of the pandemic there. When India was caught unawares in April and May with more than four lakh cases per day resulting in the collapse of the healthcare system on many days, the Western media’s reportage of the tragedy was not sensitive. But now, it’s a different thing. 

Columnist Minhaz Merchant says that the US logging a lakh cases a day is glaring. “With 1/4th India’s population, that is equivalent to 4,00,000 daily cases in India,” he writes, calling out the “Indian/NRI sepoy-journalists”. “They were so eloquent in demeaning India in May, but are maintaining a deafening silence on America’s surge now,” Merchant adds. 

Corporate lawyer Aishwarya Mudgil says that when India was reeling under the notorious Delta variant, everyone blamed not just the government and the healthcare system, but also the Indian people. “Now that the West is grappling with Delta variant, it is the variant that is responsible for it (the surge) and not the people, the government or the healthcare system,” she writes, adding that the skewed narrative shows that the privileged few control the international media and write as they like.

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