Indian team must stop playing Pakistan: Netizens

The Indo-Pak cricket match of Sunday has triggered a debate in the social media space. Many are of the opinion that Pakistan should be boycotted like how South Africa was banned from cricket in the Apartheid era. 

Those who don’t want any cultural, especially cricketing ties, with Pakistan are of the view that the Pakistani civil society hates India on religious grounds. Former Pakistani cricketer Waqar Younis has been quoted as saying on primetime TV that his favourite part of the recent India-Pakistan match was when a Pakistani player did namaz in front of Hindus, quoted journalist Swati Goel Sharma. 

There is a view that the cash-rich BCCI must make sure that ICC teaches Pakistan a lesson. This argument can be summed as below: As long as Pakistan sponsors terrorism and kills our soldiers and civilians, there should be no engagement with it at any level. 

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