Instagram and Facebook have removed Rahul Gandhi’s post

After Rahul Gandhi has shared the pic of the family of a girl who was raped and murdered in southwest Delhi, NCPCR has sent notices to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to block and remove the content shared by the Congress Leader.

Twitter restored the account of Rahul Gandhi after submitting the consent form from the family of a deceased minor girl. And it also removed the content. Later, Facebook issued notices to Rahul Gandhi and submitted the report to NCPCR.

In the notice, FB stated that whichever the content shared by Rahul has violated section 74 of Juvenile Justice Act 2015, Section 23 of the POCSO Act, 2012 and Section 288A of the Indian Penal Code. And it reported Mr Gandhi to remove his post expeditiously.

As per the ANI, Instagram and Facebook have removed Mr Gandhi’s post which exposed the identity of the parents of a minor girl who was murdered and raped in Delhi.

After FB’s action, the NCPCR has withdrawn its order stating the social media giant to appear before them.

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