Is it true about director Vakeel Saab?

The director Venu Sriram has proved with Vakeel Saab how the impact of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan will be at the box office if a die-hard fan directs. If anyone watches Vakeel Saab, it shows how much Venu Sriram has been following Pawan Kalyan both professionally and personally. Powerstar’s ideology is nicely blended in the Vakeel Saab.

After the sensational hit of Vakeel Saab, he said that he has been working on the ICON project. Now, there is an unexpecting buzz circulating that Venu Sriram is out of Dil Raju and doing the film with a top star. The Mass God Venu is said to have recently met a Top Star and he is extremely impressed with the script and has given a nod.

“Is this speculation true or false?”  Only known to Venu Siram or else to the one who first speculated. With Vakeel Saab, he proved as one of the finest commercial directors who can blend message with action.

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