It is possible to delay and flatten the Covid-19 third wave, If we..! – AIIMS director

In India, the Covid second wave has been declining at a steady phase. Still, some states have been contributing more cases and as per the health experts that these may be the hotspots for the third wave. Some states have been vigilant over this impending threat and are ready to face it.

Over the third wave, AIIMS director Randeep Guleria said that it is possible to delay and flatten the third wave if the majority of the population in the country gets vaccinated followed by adhering to Covid protocols by avoiding unnecessary travel and huge gatherings.

Mr Guleria said that it is hard to prognosticate how this Covid-19 virus will act and also said it won’t mutate so dramatically in the forthcoming months. Speaking to the ANI, the AIIMS Chief said that our population has reasonably a good immunity as per serosurvey.

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