It was another conspiracy to halt the work of the Central Vista project: Central government

The Central Government has expressed dissatisfaction over the petition filed against the construction of the Central Vista project.On Tuesday, the Central government told the Delhi High Court that this was another attempt to halt work on the Central Vista project.

It has been criticized that many attempts have been made from the beginning to obstruct the construction of this project and that the latest attempt is also part of it.It also asked the bench to dismiss the petition without stopping the Central Vista project work and to impose a fine on the petitioner. The Central Government has explained to the Delhi High Court that all kinds of Covid rules are being followed even in the workplace.

There has been strong opposition from many in the country, including the opposition, to the construction of Central Vista during the Covid epidemic. Opposition leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, have criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for paying attention to Central Vista rather than the lives of people in these terrible covid times. They incensed the Central government for reportedly spending Rs 22,000 crore on Central Vista while people were dying due to a lack of beds and oxygen in hospitals.

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