It’s hard to foretell numbers if the Covid wave depends on variants

Gagandeep Kanga, Vice-Chair of the Board of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations has made shocking revelations while speaking to the ANI. She said that it is hard to predict the numbers if the Covid wave depends on the variants. And the numbers will be low when it is based on strains.

She is also said that there might be seasonal elements that will favour the virus transmission. Gagandeep Kang said that there are high chances of a new variant if there would be continuous virus replication.

To stop emerging new variants, she said that it must not only stop the disease but also the transmission. The Virologist who is in favour of starting schools has advised checking whether all classrooms are well-ventilated, sanitised or not.

And all teachers including adults who work in schools need to get fully vaccinated. The teachers should make wearing masks a daily habit for students.  She also suggested being  vigilant in starting schools.

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