Kangana makes s*xist remarks on ChaySam divorce

Kangana Ranaut has come out with s*xist comments while indirectly giving her hot take on the Naga Chaitanya-Samantha divorce. Soon after the celeb couple announced their separation on Saturday, the ‘Thalaivi’ actress took to Instagram stories and lashed out at men in general.

The ‘Queen’ actress wrote that whenever a divorce happens, the fault is always of the man. Why does she think so? “God has made man and woman, their nature and dynamics. Primitively and scientifically, man is a hunter and woman is a nurturer,” she wrote.

Kangana added that one shouldn’t be kind to the br&ts who change women like clothes. The actress gave some concession to a minority of men. “Out of hundreds, yes, one woman can be wrong but that’s the ratio. Shame on these br&ts who get encouragement from the media and fans.”

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