“Karnataka CM Yediyurappa should not be replaced”- Dingaleshwara Swami

In Karnataka, political turmoil in the BJP has been taking a new turn on each passing day. As said by Dingaleshwara Swami of Balehosur Mutt to the ANI, today, seers from various mutts have held a meeting in Bengaluru’s palace grounds.

After the convention, Dingaleshwara Swami said that their blessings are with Karnataka CM Yediyurappa and he hasn’t been replaced. “If he would be replaced, the state will face more problems”, said  Dingaleshwara Swami. And he also said that solutions would be found under the leadership of Yediyurappa.

The BJP has been following a custom since its evolution that anyone over the age group 75 wouldn’t hold any position whether it is in the party or the cabinet. Because of this custom only, Advaniji’s dream to become Prime Minister of India hasn’t been fulfilled after the BJP came into power. Besides, Modi euphoria is another fact.

Karnataka CM Yediyurappa is 78 years old and he has been exceeded the age mark. On 26th July, he will complete two years in the office.  And the BJP high command will decide who will be his successor. Mr Yediyurappa who told that he will adhere to high command has clarified that he won’t resign until he gets orders. In the party, some faction is unhappy with Yediyurappa and his son BS Vijayendra.

Now, Seers of various wanted to continue BS Yediyurappa as Karnataka CM until the next assembly elections. Let’s wait and see, “What BJP high command will decide about the future of Karnataka?

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