Kejriwal will hold two meetings today in context to strong Covid-19 third wave

After Delhi AIIMS director said that the Arvind Kejriwal government has to be ready to face the worst hit of Covid third wave. In the third wave, daily 45-50,000 cases would be registered.  The AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria said that there is no sign that children would have an impact.  

As several warnings from AIIMS and other medical experts about the possible potential hit of the third wave in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal will be holding two meetings with expert and preparation committees to review and analyse how well they prepared to tackle or what steps they have to take to tackle the third wave effectively.

In the second wave, most of the covid patients suffered breathing problems and many died due to inadequate oxygen supply. In the third wave, what type of complications will be noticed in Covid patients? Will the government be ready to tackle any sort of complications?

 On the other hand, the Covid-19 lockdown has significantly reduced pollution in the national capital, Delhi. The increase in the number of corona cases has been announced as a lockdown in Delhi from April 17. This has led to the closure of shops and reduced pollution in Delhi due to reduced traffic.

Anumita Roy Chowdhury, executive director, Center for Science and Environment (CSE) Executive Director, Research and Advocacy, said the lockdown had reduced pollution in Delhi and people were breathing fresh air. Air quality increased due to lockdown during the corona outbreak last year. The air is projected to be 33 percent cleaner in 2020 than in 2019.  The people are happy that the lockdown has reduced pollution in Delhi.

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