Kerala CM announces lockdown in the state

Due to the strong Covid second wave, already several states have imposed lockdown. Now, Kerala is joining the list. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan has announced that the state will go for a lockdown from 6 AM on 8th May-16th May.

During the first wave also, Kerala has done a wonderful job of controlling the covid. This is all due to a better primary health care system. In India, Kerala is one of few states which has the best primary health care system. The Kerala government has set up a war room on Covid and monitoring the situation very closely and effectively. 

The Kerala CM has appreciated health workers and nurses for administering the vaccines without wastage. His tweet follows as
“Kerala has received 73,38,806 doses of vaccine from GoI. We’ve provided 74,26,164 doses, even making use of the extra dose available as wastage factor in each vial. Our health workers, especially nurses have been super efficient and deserve our wholehearted appreciation!”

The CM also shared information about the availability of ICUs and Covid beds in hospitals as follows, “2857 ICU beds in Govt. Hospitals, 996 for COVID19 patients and 756 for others, 38.7% vacant. 2293 ventilators, 626 in use, 441 for Covid patients. 7085 ICU beds in Pvt. Hospitals, 1037 for Covid patients. 1523 ventilators, 377 for covid patients.

0.96% beds in CFLTCs and 20.6% in CSLTCs are O2 beds. 1731 of 3231 O2 beds in Medical Colleges are for COVID19 patients. 1429 + 546 non-Covid are in use. 2028 of 3001 O2 beds under DHS are for Covid patients, 1373 occupied. 66.12 % of 2990 O2 beds in Pvt. Hospitals are in use.”

Due to his wonderful crisis management during floods, the Nipah virus and Corona first wave, the people of Kerala have re-elected Pinarayi Vijayan as their CM.

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