Kerala CM drops Shailaja Teacher from Cabinet

In an unexpected turn of events, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has altogether dropped Shailaja Teacher from his new Cabinet. Far from she retaining her Health portfolio, the celebrated Teacher has been demoted to the level of the party’s chief whip.

Confirming the news, Communist MLA AN Shamseer has said that no one from the earlier LDF government will be part of the new Cabinet. Vijayan has formed a new team.

Whatever may be the pretext for dropping Teacher, the news comes as a shocker. Political commentator Sumanth Raman said, “Why make an exception then? If @shailajateacher and Thomas Issac could be dropped why not a new CM too? So the party decided mandate was only for one man and not the party itself?”

It’s believed that the electoral mandate to the LDF in the recent elections was as much to Teacher as it was to Vijayan.

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