‘Khela’ will happen until to uproot BJP from the country

On Shaheed Diwas, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has addressed TMC party workers across seven states including West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Odisha, Bihar, Punjab, UP  and Delhi. Her speech was telecasted virtually on big screens in the aforesaid states.

During the martyr’s day speech, she declared 16th August as ‘Khela Hobe Diwas’ and footballs will be distributed to children across the state. She said that ‘Khela’ will be started in all states to uproot BJP completely from the country.

Meanwhile, Mamata Banerjee hits out hard at the BJP government and called Modi government has put Indians freedom at stake by allowing Pegasus to snoop into our mobiles phones.

Didi said that she has plastered her phone from tapping and also said that its time to plaster BJP. Otherwise, the country will be devastated.

On Shaheed Diwas, she also congratulated the Bengalis for winning against the muscle and money power of BJP in recent assembly elections.

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