Kiccha Sudeepa’s pan India film Vikrant Rona shoot is completed

Kannada Superstar Kiccha Sudeepa is a very popular actor across the nation. With his utmost love for cinema, he has portrayed different roles in different languages in Indian cinema.  The Superstar is bringing fantasy action-adventure ‘Vikrant Rona’ to Indian movie lovers.

The shoot of ‘Vikrant Rona’ has started with the title ‘Phantom’ in March 2020 and now this fantastic journey has been ended. Yes, Superstar Kiccha Sudeepa has confirmed this.

Vikrant Rona shoot has concluded with the final song shoot on Sudeepa and Jacqueline Fernandez. This song is choreographed by Jani master. Yesterday, the Vikrant Rona shoot was completed. Kiccha Sudeepa has recalled the incredible experience working in this pan India film.

This film will be released in 14 languages and scheduled to release in August 2021 earlier. And its release is pushed back due to the covid-19 second wave. This film is written and directed by Anup Bhandari.

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