Kona Venkat opens up on Pawan Kalyan

Writer Kona Venkat knows Pawan Kalyan very well. A few years ago, it was rumoured that the ‘Bheemla Nayak’ actor would be doing a film with the star writer. The ‘Vakeel Saab’ star asked Kona to develop a story for him. But things didn’t work out.

In his latest interview, Kona alleged that the media drove a wedge between him and Kalyan. “I haven’t met with him in the last two years. Before the AP Assembly elections in 2019, I happened to say that Jagan is ‘Nijam’, Babu is ‘Abaddham’ and Kalyan is ‘Amayakathvam’. But a newspaper distorted my statement in the headline. How unfair it was!” Kona said.

He added that he used to be so close to Power Star that he would call him ‘Kalyan’ and not ‘Kalyan Babu’. Kona is pro-YCP because his relatives are in the ruling party.

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