Krishnapatnam Anandaiah Covid drug will distribute from tomorrow

After the state government and Ayush department have given a green signal to Anandaiah medicine stating it is not harmful.  The waiting of people seems to end. Finally, the covid medicine of Anandaiah will be available for the common man from tomorrow.

Yes, Anandaiah medicine will be distributed from tomorrow. On the first day, two thousand people are likely to be given the drug.Initially, the drug will be distributed only to the people of the Sarvepalli constituency.  The people from other areas are stopped and Section 144 currently continues in Krishnapatnam.

The Police have been checking the Aadhaar card and then allowing the people into the village. They are not allowing others into the village. However, the controversy over the distribution of the Anandayya drug continues.

Former minister Somireddy said that Kakani was looking to rob crores of people’s money through a fake website. Somireddy will lodge a cybercrime complaint on the matter today.

Sesritha Technology MD Narmad Reddy said that he has lodged a complaint against Somireddy at Krishnapatnam Port Police Station. He also said that the TDP leader had stolen his company’s data and his allegations were false.

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