Kumbh Mela, election rallies can’t be blamed: BJP

At a time when Kumbh Mela and election rallies in Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala have been blamed for the second wave by sections of media, the BJP is pushing hard to counter the narrative. The party is suggesting that the blame lies elswehwere. 

On Saturday, taking to Twitter, BJP National Spokesperson Amit Malviya wrote that the National Centre for Disease Control has said that the current wave of coronavirus pandemic in Delhi and Punjab could have been fuelled by the UK variant of the coronavirus.

He added that the second wave has nothing to do with Kumbh or election rallies. Malviya then used the term ‘Aandolan-Jeevis’, which was coined in the run up to the Bihar elections by Narendra Modi. By Andolan Jeevis, the party is referring to rich farmers who have been protesting against the farm reforms. 

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