Line is cleared for ambulances at AP and Telangana borders

The line for ambulances has been cleared at the AP and Telangana borders. Telangana police have stopped ambulances near Ramapuram crossroad for the past two days.  Finally, the police permitted ambulances after the High court outraged over stopping ambulances at AP and Telangana borders.

Until yesterday, the Telangana police asked the relatives of the patients to call from the hospital. The same sanctions lasted until last night. The ambulances from AP have been allowed into Telangana since Wednesday morning after the High court incensed the government. Meanwhile, due to the lockdown in Telangana, the police have placed special surveillance on the vehicles.

Yesterday, the High Court furious over the Telangana government for not allowing ambulances into Telangana from other states like AP. And it also said that Hyderabad is a medical hub and everyone across the nation will come here for the treatment. And it ordered the state government to allow ambulances into Telangana from other states for the treatment.

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