Lockdown will be extended further in Telangana!?

The lockdown in Telangana is likely to be extended for another week. The medical department hopes that lockdown needs to be extended to break the covid chain in the state. It is learned that the government has already given signals to the Commerce and Excise Departments. CM KCR will conduct a review on lockdown and covid control on the 28th of this month. As the Government sources say the lockdown is likely to be extended in the opinion of the medical department. The majority of states expect the lockdown to be extended until the first week of June.

It was known that the lockdown has been continuing in Telangana from the 12th of this month to control the Covid-19. The positive cases in the state did not appear to decrease as expected during the lockdown. However, with the lockdown, the number of cases has decreased to some extent. Currently, the vaccination process in Telangana has come to a standstill. It turned out that people were having trouble with this. However, the Telangana government has invited global tenders to import vaccinations. The government hopes to launch the vaccination process in the first week of June in a grand manner.

It is learned that in the current situation, the government is of the view that it would be better to extend the lockdown for a few more days.

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