MAA: Film artists fail to practise what they preach

The Movie Artists Association continues to be in the news because of its self-inflicted wounds. Ahead of the MAA elections, it has got divided into factions. For the past few days, VK Naresh and Hema have traded verbal blows. 

For months, the camps in the MAA are divided over the issue of when to hold elections. One camp is alleged to be reluctant to hold elections, which were due in March. This is August and the election date is yet to be announced. None other than Chiranjeevi himself has opined that it’s high time elections are held immediately. 
That’s why a lot of Netizens are asking this question: “Why is the MAA struggling to keep its house in order?” 

MAA is home to hundreds of film personalities, many of whom offer instant solutions to national and sometimes even international problems in movies. They propose political and electoral reforms as movie characters with great confidence. On the other hand, they are unable to keep their differences from going out of control. Day after day, MAA’s members are in the news for criticizing some of their own MAA family members.

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