‘MAD’ will make divorce-seekers reflect: Director

If you are wondering what ‘MAD’, the Telugu-language relationship drama, is all about, we have an answer. Debutant director Laxman Meneni has said that the title stands for ‘Marriage And Divorce’.

Telling the story of two couples (played by Rajath Raghav, Madhav Chilkuri, Spandana Palli and Sweeta Varma), ‘MAD’ is about what the couples go through in their marriages and whether they decide to end it by opting for divorce.

To be released on August 6, the film was sought to be made as an Indie flick but its scale increased eventually. “I come from an IT background. My friends have invested money as producers. I hope ‘MAD’ will force the divorce-seekers to reflect upon the pros and cons of a divorce. I feel that many marriages fail because the husband and wife don’t give each other enough time,” the director says in his latest interview.

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