‘Madhura Wines’ Trailer is out!

The trailer for ‘Madhura Wines’ was released today. The film will hit the cinemas on October 22. 

Starring Sunny Naveen, Seema Choudary, and Sammohit Tumuluri in lead roles, it has at the centre a male lead who defends alcohol like there is no tomorrow. The characters around him either have a low opinion of alcohol or they reject it outright. The heroine falls in love with him despite knowing that he is a drinker. “I avoided Sagara Sangamam only because its male protagonist is a drunkard,” she says. 

Written and directed by Jayakishore B, the film is produced by Rajesh Kondepu, and Srujan yarabolu. With music by Karthik Rodriguez and Jay Krish, its cinematography is by Mohan Chary Ch. Script co-ordination is by Amarnath Chavali. Edited by Vara Prasad A, its songs are out on Lahari Music. 

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