Madras High Court orders Dhanush to pay Rs.30 lakhs within 48 hours

After Thalapathy Vijay, versatile actor Dhanush has faced the ire of the Madras High Court. In 2015, Dhanush filed a petition for the exemption of entry tax of importing his Rolls Royce car from the UK.  Now, the Maari actor has sought permission to withdraw the aforementioned plea and also said to pay the remaining entry fee tax that the high court has ordered.

Regarding this, Madras High Court has rejected the plea and ordered to pay the remaining 50% amount Rs. 30.30 lakhs/- within 48 hours. It also stated in the verdict that a milk vendor and a daily labourer was paying tax for every litre that they utilize.

Justice Subramaniam who heard the plea has said that he didn’t see such pleas requesting tax exemption in his life. And also said that if the actor has genuine interest to pay the remaining entry tax, why didn’t he pay when the case settled in the Supreme Court in 2018.

The High Court Judge has adjourned the hearing by giving an ultimatum to complete the remaining tax within 48 hours.

On the other hand, Thalapathy Vijay’s same plea has stayed in the division. And the High Court has made serious comments on the Beast actor and dismissed his plea of seeking tax exemption.

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