Maharashtra government extends lockdown for another two weeks

The Maharashtra government has extended the lockdown for another two weeks as part of precautionary measures. The last lockdown was imposed until May 15. Now it has been extended to 1st June at 7 AM.  

The government has once again made it clear that entry into the state is only possible if there is a  Corona negative report. Uddhav’s government hopes that strict regulations need to be enforced to prevent the state from Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the number of corona cases is declining in Maharashtra.When compared to the country, Covid cases are registering half of the growth rate. If the growth rate is 1.4 per cent in the country, it is 0.8 per cent in Maharashtra. The Maha Sarkar is ahead in the Corona Tests too. “About 2 lakh Covid tests are being conducted daily. The statistics are promising,” said state health minister Tope.

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