Mahesh and Rajamouli’s movie will not start this year!

Since the days of Chatrapati, the news of Superstar Mahesh teaming up with SS Rajamouli for a film has been heard aloud. Finally, this film is all set to materialize soon.

But Mahesh fans who have been waiting this long for a film in their combination seem to wait for some more time. The producer KL Narayana who has been producing this flick has said Mahesh and Rajamouli film will start next year due to this pandemic.

As RRR shoot was delayed followed by expecting a change in the release too. So, the SSMB-SSR film which is planned to start this year-end will hit the floors in the next year.  Meanwhile, Mahesh will complete his prior commitments and make himself completely available for Rajamouli’s film.

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