Mamata leads TMC to conquer Bengal

Mamata Banerjee is all set to conquer West Bengal again for the third time successfully.  Whether it is Prashant Kishore’ successful wheelchair strategy or her development in the state. Whatever it may be the reason behind, Mamata Banerjee is becoming CM for the third time by winning more than 200 seats. 

BJP also improved its vote share and winning a good number of seats when compared to 2016.  Earlier, Suvendhu Adhikari in lead than Mamata Banerjee. Now, she backs to lead with more than 1k votes.  As per the ongoing trends, it is obvious, Mamata Banerjee has won this match and lift the election cup for the third time.

As per the latest trends, Suvendhu Adhikari is back to lead with more than 9,900 votes in the 8th round.

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