Manchu Manoj earns goodwill

Manchu Manoj is in the news for a reason that has nothing to do with films. Behind the curtains, he ensured that the MAA elections on October 10 didn’t witness undue ruckus because of his father, Mohan Babu. At least, this is what a few members of the Prakash Raj panel have said.

Actor and producer Prabhakar categorically said on Tuesday that Manoj was at the forefront, playing the role of a catalyst, as the elections started witnessing minor disturbance. Manoj kept urging his father to be calm and not take out his anger on the opponents as the elections were on. “Without Manoj’s presence, the situation would have deteriorated without a shred of doubt,” Prabhakar said. 

As per Banerjee, if Mohan Babu stopped at abusing him and didn’t resort to physical attacks during the elections, it is because Manoj and Vishnu urged their father not to do anything. 

The MAA elections have definitely earned Manoj a great deal of goodwill. 

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