Manchu Vishnu gives an explanation to media

Earlier on Saturday, Manchu Vishnu went to the private hospital in Hyderabad where his friend and colleague Sai Dharam Tej has been treated. Since Vishnu refused to speak to the media, it has been perceived that he was rude or something.

In the evening, the ‘D&D’ actor took to social media and said that he was not intending to be rude at all. Vishnu clarified that he didn’t want to give any update about Tej because he feels only the Mega hero’s family and/or the doctors treating him should speak about it.

It seems Vishnu has tried his best to remove any negative impression that he may have created unintentionally.

He has been in the news for running for the post of MAA President. Recently, his father Mohan Babu indirectly questioned the sale of a MAA building years ago. Naga Babu said that he has to seek the explanation from VK Naresh and Shivaji Raja and not him.

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