Manchu Vishnu’s statement becomes talk of the town

Manchu Vishnu has become a talking point ahead of the MAA elections. He is running for the position of MAA President but he is also ready to excuse himself from the race should the who’s who of MAA zero in on a candidate.

Vishnu is not the first one to say it. Jeevitha Rajasekhar has, in a previous interview, said that the MAA President has to be elected unanimously and that would be the most ideal thing. 
Importantly, Vishnu has also stated that he and his family will render 100% financing to the proposed MAA building, whose construction has been a non-starter for the past 12 years. “Let the debate on it stop. We will bear every penny of expenditure,” Vishnu declared. His previous promise, made seven years back, was to bear 25% of the expenditure.  

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