Mega get-together: Why politicize a family event?

Family get-togethers are precious moments, especially those that happen on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. But some people politicize even such intimate occasions for whatever reason. 

This is what is happening after the Mega family union on August 22. The happy coming-together took place at Chiranjeevi’s house. Pawan Kalyan, the rare guest, was present. But Allu Arjun was not present. His family was missing at an event that saw the presence of the entire Mega family. 

A lot of trolls on social media are speculating that Bunny and Allu Aravind have developed some differences with Chiru and that’s why they were not seen. 

Ram Gopal Varma has gone a step further to insult the achievements of the likes of Pawan and Ram Charan. As per him, they are family parasites surviving by deriving their energy from Chiru. On the other hand, said RGV, Bunny is a self-made star and the only Megastar after Chiru. 

Why do some people politicize private events? 

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