Megastar Chiranjeevi donates 2 lakhs for Ponnabalam’s kidney operation

In this Covid crisis, Megastar Chiranjeevi has turned into a saviour for many. He has been sending money to whoever is in a dire situation. As per the sources, he has been donated money to many during this crisis which didn’t come to light.

So far, we have come to know about his donation to Popular character artist Pavala Syamala followed by TNR’ family and his Caravan director’s family. Now, the latest to know is, Chiranjeevi has given two lakh rupees to Ponnabalam for the kidney operation. Ponnabalam was popular as an antagonist in many films like Muthu etc.,

Ponnabalam has shared a video message thanking Megastar for the timely help.  Megastar is setting up Oxygen banks at the district level all over AP and Telangana in a week time.

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