Minister’s statement on fuel prices sparks row

Rameswar Teli, the Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas, has said that the fuel price hike has been necessitated by the fact that coronavirus vaccines have been given for free across the country by the government of India. His remarks have drawn flak from various quarters at a time when the prices of petrol and diesel have been pinching the common man. 

Commenting on the Minister’s take, a journalist tweeted, “So rightly assumed that vaccines are not for free, the cost of Covid vaccines in India is being levied through immoderate fuel prices.” 

There is a view that the government must urgently reduce the taxes on fuel so that the common man is not burdened heavily any longer. There is a need to push consumer spend and reducing the prices of essentials is a way forward. Several commentators are saying that, sooner or later, the political fallout of the price rise will be felt acutely. 

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