MMTS services to resume in Hyderabad

It’s been more than a year that MMTS services were stalled in Hyderabad. Due to the Covid-19 first wave, MMTS services were stopped in March, last year.

The Union Minister G Kishan Reddy has confirmed that MMTS services will resume in Hyderabad, next week. Mr Kishan Reddy said that this decision was made after he met and requested Railways Minister Piyush Goyal.

In Hyderabad, MMTS is the cheapest mode of transport. More than one lakh people have been ferrying through these to their workspaces daily. Students, daily laborers, small traders, software employees, people etc., were utilising these services for years. There were 28 stations and through them, 121 services were running daily. The ticket fare is very cheap compared to other modes of transport. The ticket fare minimum cost is Rs.5/- and the maximum fare is 15/-.

This is probably the first time that MMTS services have been stalled for more than a year. It’s good news for Hyderabadis that their favourite and cheapest mode of transport will resume next week.

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