Modi govt wants to raise Lok Sabha tally to 1000: Congress MP

Congress parliamentarian and national spokesperson Manish Tewari has claimed that the Narendra Modi government is planning to increase the Lok Sabha tally to a whopping 1000 seats before the 2024 elections. He said that MPs in the ruling party have told him about the same. 

“I am reliably informed by Parliamentary colleagues in the BJP that there is a proposal to increase the strength of Lok Sabha to 1000 or more before 2024. New Parliament Chamber being constructed as a 1000 seater,” Tewari tweeted, adding that a serious public consultation should be held before it’s implemented.

Tewari’s claim has come as a surprise. To increase the size of the Lok Sabha, the Constitution has to be amended. As per the Constitution, it can be done only after 2026 and not before. And even after that year, the Delimitation Commission will recommend the changes. It can’t be done without taking the Parliament into confidence.

But if what Tewari is saying is true, then the 2026 deadline will be amended first to facilitate an early delimitation of Parliamentary Constituencies. But this will not be an easy job. 

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