More companies should be allowed to manufacture the vaccine: Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that more companies should be allowed to manufacture the vaccine to meet the demand. Speaking at a virtual meeting with university vice-chancellors, Gadkari said he would appeal to Prime Minister Modi to enact legislation to allow more companies to produce life-saving drugs in a way that pays 10 per cent royalty to patent holders.

He said the problem would arise if the demand was higher than the supply of the vaccine, and licenses should be given to 10 other companies instead of one. He said the manufactured vaccine could be supplied in the country and exported if there was still a surplus.

He said they want Atmanirbhar Bharat and all districts of the country to be self-sufficient in medical oxygen. However, he said India was still dependent on raw material imports.

Gadkari suggested that people should have positive thoughts and self-confidence during the Corona pandemic.

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