More than 35K Delta variant cases reported in a week

There were 35,204 delta variant cases reported in the UK during the week.  With this, the total number of cases rose to 1,11,157. The British medical officials say there has been a 46 per cent increase in the number of delta cases registered over the week.

The delta variant of the coronavirus was first identified in India.
On the occasion, Dr Jenny Harries, Chief Executive of the UK Health Protection Agency, said that the vaccination program in the country had been successful and as a result, the number of corona cases and the number of hospital admissions had dropped significantly.

She said that they were not at all negligent about Corona. She also said that two doses of the vaccine were given to the highest number of people in the country. However, the vaccine does not provide full protection from the corona. That is why it is so important for all people to be vigilant about corona.

Dr Jenny Harries said that six lambda cases have been reported in the UK which are all related to foreign travellers. The Lambda variant was first identified in Peru.  Later, these variant cases have been registered in 26 countries.

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