More than 5,000 Black Fungus case in the country

According to Union Health Minister Dr Harshavardhan, 5,424 cases of black fungus have been reported so far in various states and Union Territories of the country.

On Monday, speaking at a meeting with a group of ministers on Covid, he said the majority of cases of black fungus were caused by Covid and half of them also had diabetes. So far 5,424 people in 18 states and union territories have been infected with black fungus. Of these, 4,556 had a history of covid and 55 percent of patients had diabetes.

The trend of black fungus cases among Covid infected patients is gradually increasing in the country. This is said to be due to the high dose of steroids used in the Covid treatment. Many states have already declared Black Fungus a notifiable Disease under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1987 to help identify infected people.

The Central government issued guidelines on screening, diagnosis and management of diseases that are being implemented by all public and private health centers and medical colleges. Black fungus is mainly seen in Covid patients, especially those recovering from Covid. It is said to be a dangerous, deadly disease. The cases are being reported in several states, including Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The experts in Karnataka are also studying whether the use of industrial oxygen during Covid treatment can cause the growth of black fungus.

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