Most of the people have accepted privacy policy: WhatsApp

Despite there being a strong disagreement with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, the company’s management is trying to cover it up. WhatsApp claims that most of the WhatsApp users around the world have agreed to this policy. WhatsApp made the revelation in the wake of ongoing talks with the Turkish government over a privacy policy.

Under the new policy, which was introduced in January, WhatsApp will have the right to share other data, including phone numbers, with Facebook and its affiliates. The Turkish Competition Board has discontinued this new policy. However, WhatsApp initially announced that the policy would not be implemented in Turkey, but changed its mind again. The negotiations are ongoing with the government to implement the new privacy policy.

The Indian government has also opposed WhatsApp’s privacy policy.
The central government has asked WhatsApp management to withdraw the new privacy policy. On Wednesday, it issued notices to WhatsApp to give an explanation on the matter within a week. It warns to take legal action if Whatsapp fails to do so.

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