MP Revanth Reddy starts free meals program to Corona victims

On Saturday, TPCC Working President, MP Revanth Reddy inaugurated a free meal program for one thousand corona patients every day at Secunderabad Gandhi Hospital. Speaking on the occasion, MP Revanth said that the program was launched on the instructions of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul. He said patients’ family members could not find meals because of the lockdown.

He criticised that the government hasn’t provided minimum facilities even at the time of Covid first wave. He said that many programs were being organized on behalf of the Youth Congress. He was incensed that arrests were being made while the Youth Congress was working.

Although Gandhi Hospital is a Covid Hospital, there are no minimum facilities. Mr Revanth Reddy also criticized the state government for not at least providing food to doctors and nurses. We are preparing food for 1000 people every day. And also said meals will be provided as long as the lockdown lasts. He said they are arranging food for 1000 people including doctors, staff, nurses, patients and their relatives.

He said there is a severe shortage of beds, oxygen, and Remdevisir. He alleged that Remdevisir is available only in the black market and  TRS Leaders are stockpiling it and selling for exorbitant prices.

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