My phones are tapped by IB people: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi on Friday claimed that his phones have been tapped by the Narendra Modi government. The Congress leader said that he has been informed about the tapping by the Intelligence Bureau officials who tap his phones. 

“I get phone calls from IB people who tap my phone. They say your phone is being tapped. My security people tell me they have to debrief what I say,” the Wayanad MP has been quoted as saying. 

Gandhi was speaking in the context of Amnesty International recently bringing out a report that claimed that 300 individuals, among whom are political leaders and journalists, have been shadowed by the government through Pegasus spyware. 

The remarks by Gandhi today have raised eyebrows, with him claiming that IB officials themselves alert him about the tapping. “This is explosive!! If after 8 years of the Modi government, the IB people still call Mr. Rahul Gandhi and alert him that his phones are being tapped – it only vindicates the perception of deep throats within the government still loyal to the old regime,” commented political columnist Sandip Ghose 

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