Nandini Reddy questions media on ‘lady director’ tag

Nandini Reddy has expressed her dislike for being called a ‘lady director’ by the media. Usually, the ‘Oh Baby’ director is referred to as a lady director by journalists. 

Taking to Instagram, the ‘Ala Modalaindi’ maker said that the spellings of both her name and the term ‘lady director’ are 12 characters each. Then why not refer to her by the name, she asked. “I would feel happy that way,” the ‘Kalyana Vaibhogame’ director wrote. 

She asked the media why it prefers to use the gendered language. “Why this gender-based demarcation?” Nandini Reddy asked. 

On the work front, she is likely to wield the megaphone for a Santosh Shoban film. Shoban recently acted in ‘Ek Mini Katha’. 

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