Nani roped in a Kannada actor for his film!

It was known that Natural Star Nani not only delivers wonderful content as the main lead but also as a producer. Earlier, he introduced Prashant Varma with Awe! movie as a producer.

Now, he is bringing another interesting film ‘Meet Cute’. This is said to be an anthology film. For this anthology, Nani has roped in Kannada actor Dheekshith Shetty opposite Akanksha Singh. Their tale in this anthology will be heart-touching.

He was earlier acted in a Telugu movie ‘Muguru Monagallu’ but it was failed to impress the audiences. ‘Meet Cute’ has five tales, directed by Deepti Ganta, produced by Nani under the banner Wall Poster Cinema along with Prashanti Tripuraneni.  

The shooting of this film is happening in Hyderabad.

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