Nani to face uncomfortable questions

Natural Star Nani is soon going to kickstart Tuck Jagadish’s promotions. The film will stream on Amazon Prime from September 10. Ahead of his media interviews, the actor is said to be cautious about the possibility of facing an avalanche of uncomfortable questions.

At the pre-release event of ‘Thimmarusu’, Nani supported the culture of watching movies in theatres. He made the remarks in the context of the ticket prices being too low in Andhra Pradesh. After talking about the economic importance of a flourishing theatre industry, his film is skipping a theatrical release. 

Nani will be asked about this dichotomy in the media interviews. He is expected to maintain that the call was made by his producers, who are relatively new to the film industry. And he won’t be wrong. The ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ actor was talking about the need to increase the ticket prices. They haven’t been increased by the AP government so far. ‘Tuck Jagadish’ releasing on OTT is thus understandable. 

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