Nara Lokesh is excited to watch Sai Tej and Deva Katta’s Republic

TDP General Secretary, MLC Nara Lokesh who has been blossoming as the leader in Andhra politics has been excited to watch Sai Dharam Tej and director Deva Katta’s Republic movie. This film was released on 1st October and it’s been running successfully all over with great word of mouth.

Besides critics, Stars like Natural Star Nani, Smita etc., have loved the work of director Deva Katta and Sai Dharam Tej in Republic. The director Deva Katta has unfolded the bold truth of politics and the role of people.

All these great talks have reached Nara Lokesh. Hearing such great things about the film, he expressed his interest to watch the film ‘Republic’.

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