NBK sings holy chant Sri Rama Dandakam on NTR birth anniversary

On the eve of Legend NTR’s 98th birth anniversary, Nandamuri Balakrishna is paying a wonderful tribute to his father by chanting the holy ‘Sri Rama Dandakam’. Seasoned Superstar Balakrishna will do whatever for the benefit of everyone.

In these terrible covid times, chanting holy Sri Rama Dandakam is not only a tribute to his father but also whoever listening to it will give strength to fight this pandemic. The Akhanda actor is known for his daring attempts, he tries that no professional singer dares do.

Earlier, he sang the ‘Sivasankari’ song from ‘Jagadekaveerunikadha’. This song was hard but Balakrishna did it very easily. NBK’s Sri Rama Dhandakam will be released tomorrow at 9:45 AM on NBK films Youtube channel.

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