Netizens lash out at lyrics of legendary lyricist’s song

Kollywood lyricist and Tamil poet Vairamuthu has been accused of coming out with pedophilic lyrics for a song for a Kalaignar TV project. 

The Tamil song is about a 16-year-old girl (played by Anika Surendran) having romantic feelings for an old poet. The lyrics courted controversy. 

Several Netizens are lashing out at the song for normalizing pedophilia. Prominent playback singer Chinmayi Sripada wrote, “Looks like Mr. Vairamuthu has come out with a song that speaks about a school girl falling in love with a middle-aged man. Sexual grooming 101. This song is being telecast on Tamil Channels. The concept of sexual grooming falls on deaf ears in this country and here comes something that glorifies this. No wonder he had a pattern to the targets he chose.” For the unversed, Vairamuthu has been accused of sexual harassment. 

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